Board Game Night 30 Maart 2023

Hi everyone!

It has been a while but, I am happy to invite you for the next board game night.

As the office will close earlier I propose to start at 17:30 and we wrap up at 19:15.

Location: The first floor of the canteen (if you come from the reception side you will need to use the stairs).

I have used the list of invitees from our last time, please do not hesitate to forward this invite to more people! (& let me know if you like to be removed from this list)

People who want to get dinner (see info below) should come around 17:15, so other people who will not order food can come to play immediately.

So, what games have we played?
Do you have a favorite? just bring your own game with rules and we can try this game during the evening.
These ones we played on previous editions (no need to know them all as we’ll explain the rules again before the game):

  • Uno – explanation video:


  • Bang! Dice game – explanation video:

  • Avalon: Resistance – explanation video:

  • King of Tokyo – explanation video:


  • Sushi Go!  - explanation video:


  • Welcome to the Dungeon! – explanation:


  • Loveletters – explanation:


  • Unstable Unicorns – explanation:


  • Codenames – explanation:


  • Other games – bring your own


Before the game there will be an opportunity to have dinner. A day before you will receive the email with the options for ordering (up to a maximum of €25). Be aware that only responds with a choice will be taken into account. If you are a member of the personnel association (PV) you will get a 50% discount for a dinner! The amount will be deducted from your salary on the next pay date. I.e. Your order a pizza for € 20 and you are member of PV, so you will have to pay only € 11 =  €20*50% + €1 (fee for prizes). You can join PV by pressing this link:
If you do not want to become a member of the personnel association or if you a contractor, no problem. Please join us anyway! But unfortunately you cannot claim the discount and you will have to pay your dinner directly to me (fyi: it is not mandatory to have dinner).


Edmond Boon